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From Strength to Strength

During the past years, the cultural sector has gone from strength to strength.

It is a sector that keeps on flourishing and keeps on giving a lot of beautiful opportunities to a vast number of talented people. We have strived to provide a sound platform for local artists and creatives as a stage for them to keep on nourishing and nurturing their talent and also for them to reach further beyond our shores.

Through the creation of entities such as Teatru Malta, Żfin Malta and Festivals Malta, we are able to increase professionalisation in this sector. These entities have their own programme with the aim to create a vibrant working sector, in their area of specialisation and through numerous sound collaborations to always aim to provide the best possible package, both for the local community to enjoy different forms of art, and also for artists to continue sustaining their talent.

Arts Council Malta also plays a vital role in the culture sector by being the national agency for development and investment in culture and the arts. It provides us with funding mechanisms that aim to support and promote the culture and creative sector in Malta and Gozo. artistic studies abroad. This programme supports the participation of young creatives in international platforms that include festivals, competitions exhibitions, and/or performances.

The first beneficiaries of the programme, which were all aged between 10 and 17, will have the opportunity to explore and build networks and to also engage in international collaborations. Thanks to this programme, we are encouraging young creatives and artists to actively involve themselves in international platforms. This project also helps to facilitate end expose young talent to other international practices. Thanks to this programme, the young beneficiaries will be able to participate in projects with a maximum duration of one month between October 2018 and October 2019.

One of these young artists will in fact participate in the Golden Classical Music Awards at the Carnegie Hall Weil Recital in November. A number of ballerinas will be participating in the Youth America Grand Prix semi-final in Paris this November, where they will be eligible to participate in the New York final, which provides them with a possibility of a scholarship, thanks to this scheme.

It is through such initiatives that we can cater for future generations of artists at a time when they are shaping their life choices and developing their talent. This programme complements the Council’s vision of placing the arts and creativity at the heart of Malta’s future, and through this programme we are offering the same opportunities to all emerging artists especially at a time when these young artists are still largely dependent on family support.

We have started with an investment of €18,000 which will be distributed among eight young artists. We aim for larger number next year and I am confident that we will deliver on that too. This investment in our younger generations provides us with the optimal drive to keep on striving for a better future for our young artists, a future that is full of opportunities including an increase in professionalisation in the creative sector, better mobility and easier networking, for them to further develop their artistic career. of his beautiful works of art was chosen to be performed during the opening ceremony of the Maltese presidency last year.

This one of a kind musician has left us with a legacy to build upon, and it is our duty to keep on shedding a light on his work, to inspire young members of our community to follow their dreams. Thanks to such an exhibition we can keep on raising awareness on the importance of culture and the arts, not only as an outlet to channel your passions, but also as a spring board for the fuelling of innovation and creativity in the developing of artistic talents.

This exhibition is also a prime example of collaboration as it was possible thanks to the support of Heritage Malta, Soċjetà Mużikali Beland, the Maltese National Library and Bank of Valletta, which as I have already remarked housed this exhibition in its Żejtun branch.

L’Alpino exhibition will be open until the 29th of September during Żejt iż-Żejtun celebrations in the evening. One can also visit this exhibition during the bank’s office hours.

It is thanks to such initatives in this case involving our past and future, a necessary fusion that helps us look at our past foundations to build on our present and future - that we are provided with the necessary energy to keep on providing and working hard to further develop our culture sector in one which is inclusive and accessible, while also contributing to economic growth and an increase in professionalisation.


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